Angel Jasmine 

The night stars shone so bright
It transpired to an epic night
Filled with purity of love
A reunion, a passion
Jasmine just like the infused jasmine
Fresh fragrance sweet and beautiful
The morning fetched my heart a river of tears
Death ever in its cruelty
Snatched my beautiful Jasmine flower away
The one my hands never held
The one my eyes never beheld
Her baby skin whose fragrance my nose never smelt
Her innocence
Her growth
Her frailty
Her lungs
Her beauty
Her gentility
Her little life
Taken away
When she stopped breathing
When she gave up
When the doctors couldn’t save her
For the 1st year she couldn’t live
The birthday she couldn’t see
And the last day she couldn’t die
I watch as her angelic soul elevated to heaven
Where peace and love knows no bounds
Where love and light feeds her soul
Where perfection exists for the little ones
Where her body lay to rest for eternity.
Until I meet her someday in heaven.
Sleep beautifully baby
I love you Jasmine. x

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