For everything I am…

I am grateful for my cheekbones, my thigh gap, my brown skin. I love it when he calls me his ‘little brown aubergine’ and I feel so cute because it’s endearing enough for me. I am grateful for my long legs, my dimples, my perky breasts and butt, my coarse black natural hair. I am grateful for my short nails, my bushy eyebrows, slender fingers even though my middle finger (aka the fuck-you finger) is bent. I love my laugh and that I still cry when I watch moving movies. I cried watching ‘Forest Gump’ yesterday. I am grateful for all my features. I love my strength and my vulnerability. I am content within my own body, my heart and soul. I am grateful for everything I am and will ever be. I am beautiful. I hope my legacy is beautiful too. I want to be able to positively influence as many lives as I can. I want to always love with the right consciousness, to muster as much love and light as I (the vessel) can receive from (the light) my creator. 

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