Yoga and the Jaguar

I was running rather late but determined to go to yoga class today. Had a long day at a Kings Fund conference which was great and one of the best I have been to in a long time but had to do some work between close and yoga. I got carried away. 
Being slightly disorganised these days. I realise I am late for class, as had 20 mins to get there and there was no way I would have made it on time using the tube. Naturally, I order an Uber. 

I am down waiting when a black, sleek Jaguar pulls up! 

“Errr, sorry, excuse me, need to check my app to make sure I didn’t order an uber executive/luxury job”!

He smiles as if to say I get this all the time. “It’s an Uber X Madam, hop in”.

I am suspicious! “Why are you using such a great ride for the public?” 

He says, why not? It gives my clients an opportunity to enjoy the same benefits as my family and friends. I love this car so why can’t I use it for work? 

So yes today I rode in a Jag to Yoga class from E10 to N5 for a tenner! My driver is Romanian and we talked about family values and his little business across Eastern and Mainland Europe and the U.K. 

I thanked him for making my first experience in a Jag via Uber. Ha!

Life has to be beautiful. It’s the little things! Anyway, I am glad Bea is back from her summer European yoga jaunts. It’s been two months and I have absolutely missed her and classes. But I got into TaiChi too over the summer which was one of my summer highlights.

As Bea would always say after classes and meditation, be grateful for the gift of class today.  

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