The beauty of Mr Jenkins 

Stay with me
The grass isn’t greener…
He bluffed 
I waited for my love to break
I am not sorry 
A new journey to life 
Flashes of his metallic grey eyes 
Thoughts of his slick fingers 
Flashes of his handsome features 
The tall man with the Levis 501s
I am not sorry that we went down that path 
I seek to unhide 
To unravel the hidden tensions 
I am not sorry
I am not sorry he walked into my life as he is.
That this piece of the world’s finest is smitten by me and me, him. 
That poetry brought us together 
That his one and two liners was the piece de resistance of the poetic nights 
That they made me laugh with joy
That my heart felt I could be drawn to him 
That I texted him 
That we went out and I kissed him
That we walked and got lost
But we found a way in our hearts 
A clamour of our affections
I am not sorry that something I love has brought me to a heart I love…

One comment

  1. Daniel Nyakutsey · October 31, 2016

    The heart that feels the intensity of love….

    Liked by 1 person

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