Horse riding over Saturday’s flowers…

Saturday morning of 7th May 2016. I went horse riding at the Lea Valley horse riding centre in Leyton. I was anxious and didn’t know what to expect as the last time I rode a horse was when I was little, dad used to take us every weekend. So really, it felt anew. But I was excited and proud of myself for taking the leap to at least book the class and show up, seeing that the Gemini in me is quick to move on to the next exciting thing because I get bored quite easily. I have been wanting to learn to ride and become an independent rider for most of my adult life. This one tiny moment of accomplishment overthrew me when I mounted my horse, Dylan, gave him a nice gentle kick with both legs, took a walk with him, trotting with him as I tried to rhythmically bounce my torso on his beautiful white fur back. Dylan and I soon bonded. He is such an amazing horse. I was told he is a really friendly horse, one of those horses who gets on well with all its riders. I guess there was nothing so special about our bond then…Anyway, I was told I needed to work a bit more on my posture and my rise, you know, take a little control once I have the saddle and the horse is in full gear. So my partner and I had a great session. He isn’t so much of a beginner as I observed as he has ridden in his adult life (and watches horse racing daily) but was a little rusty. He suddenly got a grip of it and rode Bill excellently that our teacher, Darren asked him to move to the next level. After walking Bill back to the stable, I whispered to him, ‘You an arsehole!’. He stole my thunder!!! This was meant to be MY session, my passion, my long desired goal. But seriously I was happy he rode great. Again it’s just the Gemini in me which gets quite competitive with something I have a passion for. Our horses were teenagers probably 13-15 and did excellently well. Bill was obviously a bigger horse. They assign horses to you according to their optical illusion of your BMI. Anyway, I was proud of myself. The weather was great too. We booked our next session. I need to get proper jodhpurs and riding boots and then work on getting off a horse more elegantly. You don’t want to know how I managed off him. My back did hurt for two days though. I guess it was a good work out for my torso too. Looking forward to class 2 and all classes over the summer. Then one day, just one day as a result of determination, I will be striking off one thing from my bucket list when I ride independently at Trent Park Equestrian Central with no inhibitions, fear or instructions. Watch this space! 

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