This year’s reads so far:

1. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn (there was a movie release last year)

2. Frida (a biography of Frida Kahlo) – Hayden Herrera

3. Life moves pretty fast: the lessons we learned from eighties movies.- Hadley Freeman. I attended a book slam at Clapham for this one and she read a chapter which I loved and got it.

4. The lovely bones – Alice Sebold – saw the movie years ago

5. The Lunatic Tale: Forever single- Woody Allen ( this is an old book I found at my dad’s- you can literally read it 10 mins)

6. Americanah- by a Nigerian author – Chimamanda Adiche. Just finished this one. Was good! 

7. Only Time Will Tell- Jeffrey Archer 

These ones are a bit more maybe feminist inclined: 

8. The reluctant bride – Lucy Mangan

9. Hopscotch and handbags- Lucy Mangan

10. The one you love – Paul Pikington

11. Just One Night- Lexi Ryan

Repeat reads: 

12. Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

13. Pendulum days- Mark Ryan (he is my bff)

14. The Adventures of TinTins too.

15. Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman.

I have started to read a few books by Kaballah authors. 


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