Crazy eye’s rant

With shea butter, I gently massaged my boobs
My bum cheeks
We need these boobs firm and perky as they have always been
I loved how he knelt behind me, unhooked my bra and fondled them laying on my belle
Earth on my face
I toss my socks of lace
Cocoa butter oil could have been relevant on the cheeks
The mixture of aloe vera and coconut oil on my hair
I look hot as fresh cayenne pepper 🙂
June, you are the love of my life, I admire me and nada
All my oils supplies come homemade from mummy
I choose to stay as natural as she makes them
I anticipate if I have always been his prototype
Do I sense happenings?
Do you ever think that one man destined to be a part of another woman’s world could fit another woman in, and another woman?
Fucking ejections
Is this a result of an imbalance I have created
Was I blind to understand the sense of volatility
Do it the right time the first time so you dont have to do it again
These birds flying in unison as I look up, are they borne out of imaginations?
What silly game am I playing
Who raised me?
Turn the music down
Listen, hush
My eyebrows are bushy
The sources where I seek happiness is a fucking market place
Is my life built on the foundations of a fucking shopping list
He knew what he wanted
I didn’t seek that, I found it later
Cease these complications herewith
Jon B says “They dont know about this here”
They dont know, they know, they know, know, no?
Aha, I see the limitations of the 5 senses
Man only sees the reality he wants to see, feel, hear, taste, smell
I smell shea butter
Its a confusing smell with a combination of these oils
Saved by the bell (no, ah my insanity)
Is there an underlying non-committal feature which possess me?
I actually need some protein with cayenne pepper
Lower back subjects me to a still position
I wonder what my astrological combinations say
Upholsteries could have been my forte
No clichés
No cliques
No conformists
No cunts
Give me my glass of Château Duluc du Brainaire
Crazy woman!

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