I did!

If I dare say, it was the loneliest of times, the best of times, the worse of age, the best of laugh, a situation of choice, a step closer to my haven.
My deadpan heart
I embraced it all
We glanced at jealousy 
At paranoia, an ugly picture of an improbable fate.  
I begged them 
Please keep your claws off my man
My recollections of about a century of weeks ago where I walked into the store of greatness and I found him in the isle of cream and luxury 
Shades of light 
I picked him up
He was heavy as I had him sit in the bags of my burdens
He weighed so much in qualities and yes I paid for what had become my (his) excess baggage
With an existing burden of proof 
I trolled on
To get to my destination 
That one where I wrote about finishing and finding ‘perfect’ was such an imperfect move 
I can’t even wait to see my own destiny 
The world watches with eagerness as their hearts stop for a second when they sense I am a step closer 
One seed of hope 
My teething phases leap to the bed of the sea of my heart 
The waves of love more resounding than ever 
The one I dream of 
Ever there in a generation of years 
Leeching in his own shadows 
Waiting for what I know nothing of His heart on an edge of a steep hill
Because I/he knows what we are both capable of
Yet we stay
Yet we love
Yet we breathe 
Cheek to cheek
His whisper only brings me close to a potential bridge of a firmed conclusion 
Time, only, only time will tell us where we head thus far 
As Shakespeare eluded to
Perhaps I am his be-all and end-all 
And so he be to me.

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