She Calls Hers Ramblings

I rattle
Not simply because I long for a battle
The thought of you and everyone made like you
Reminds me of the pus from the fungus
That grows in a pond like the scum of the earth
In my guilt
And your filth
Is your name
And my shame
My heart opened deep
As an earthquake swallows
Shook as its magnitude
I see you as the tattered tapestry
Owned by my exiled ancestry
Who made you?
Why flatter red roses
When you heart and lips poses
Gushing my disgust in small doses
Ultimately I admitted
To swallow the painful look smug
I am drawn blank
At you so skank
All these insane time spent
Keeping my beating organ non ardent
My fingers can no longer count
But as I live a day
As much as I enjoyed those scallops
This was a thread of gallops
And as I face reality
This one moment I have so prayed for
I would muster as much as I can
Without fears nor tears
Of how an uncertainty turns ugly
With my rough knees bended
I besiege heavens for a heart amended
I refute one conviction
One that tells me I cant have that “stone”
Cause I see the blend with my heart tone
But of how much joys and sincerity
The answer remains
I would one day behold
An utter happy heart of silent tears…

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