Where are the safeguards?

So one faithful  p.m 2013, I was conducting interviews with other managers at work for our summer student interns, then I hear what sounds like pretty aggressive screaming coming from the window of our board room. Luckily for us, we were just finalising.

As soon as our last candidate walked out of the room, we jumped up towards the window and there is a man from Asian background;(in the interest of full disclosure, this is by no means a story stereotyped against any race neither does it reflect any racial discriminate inferences) man is screaming from across the road. I stand there by the window trying to find who or what he may have been shouting at for the last couple of minutes. His son is by his side, should be about 8-9 years old. I realise on the other side of the road,is a woman who seems to be his wife with a little girl in a buggy. I am assuming, her daughter. She is standing by a car. He is shouting and swearing at her in a language I couldn’t understand, pointing in a warning and threatening manner towards her. The next scene I watched will live with me for some time. He grabs his son’s hand and runs towards her, still screaming, even now, more vehemently. He grabs her by the neck, literally twisting her neck, grabbing her hair, hitting her, pushing her and eventually, the loud impact of a slap on her face.

This frenzied attack was happening right in the presence of their son and daughter who I am guessing roughly were around the ages of 8 and 3 respectively. A really insignificant crowd had started to gather at this point. Only then does he realise he could be in danger of someone raising alarm. He runs into our office car park with his son towards his car. Wife walks right behind him pushing her toddler in the buggy, weeping. He gets into the car, with his son who at this point was also screaming at his mum, somewhat in a “veruca salty” manner requesting the contents of the shopping bag she had hanging on the buggy. As she tried to reach out for what seemed like a snack or drink for her son, this man drives off leaving woman and daughter at the car park. Infact, I thought he was going to run into her at the level of speed he took off with. Woman is left there weeping like a child and begins to push daughter’s buggy who at this point is upset as well. The tears of a woman physically and emotionally abused as well as a child experiencing violence from dad to mum left me pretty much jarred and exasperated. She walks away, using the scarf wrapped around her neck to wipe her tears. Drama is over… I had to get back to work. The whole office is conversing about this. Its funny how such dramas gets human beings a tad excited? I am here thinking we live in a civilised society, however, abusing women is still a huge issue in this country. And a very cultural issue as well. Whilst,I commend David Cameron and his government for tackling online pornography and encouraging online search engines to ban child abuse images as well as other associated child safeguards measures, there is still a lot of work to be done around protecting vulnerable women who have developed a 100% tolerance and acceptance of physical abuse because of what I call “stupid cultural influences”.

No culture should permit a man hitting a woman, more especially in a 1st world nation. And to think that he walked away? He will do it again and again just as he has been doing. That couldn’t have been the first time. How does the society protect such women and ring it into their heads that men abusing them is as a matter of fact NOT acceptable? Yes, our laws prohibit abuse of any sort and generally prosecute offenders. Is it sufficient for women as vulnerable as that poor lady I watched get battered and humiliated in public? Whilst I rant about a single ill in our society which is significantly culturally driven, I shall not stop this story without an outburst of emotions. That man was a raving, filthy, barbaric, crude, abusive and viscous coward and so is any man who does what he did. I feel sorry for his son too who has grown up and began to act the exact same way towards his mother and possibly towards other females. This man was lucky he drove off just before shock made me realise I had to call the police. It saddened my heart…

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