Look at my thumbnails
See the sea gulls
I have an aquarium of beauty
They have an affinity of reasons
I love these dynamics
Spell out those names
They hate the winters cold and dark nights
I recognise a season of love
Heart and pulse races
In my nudity and thoroughness
For my episodes and presentations
My judge cannot protect me
They throw spasms of reluctance
Absurdity surrounds birth
Music, she says must continue
I hold my charm bracelet
I watched the doctor spank the newly born baby
Grandfather clock rings from its profile
Time definitely of the essence
Lights and accessories in contrasts
Blasphemies in his heart of hearts
In actuality our lives flash in our eyes
She could dwell in eternity on her soft Moroccan sheets
My dialect of interpretations was his
Out of reach was immediate thought
In photography and graphic
Art transits images
I hated the silence
Hissed for a kiss
Which of them was the chosen
My hands play the piano hysterically and lyrically
Spontaneity and versatility described him
The realist
The pianist
A birth
Beauty of my aquariums
The punning
Was all a random collection of my me time

One comment

  1. Mark Ryan · September 4, 2015

    Hissing for kissing!


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